Suzi's Hang Art

Suzi Hokonson
1315 W Woodside
Spokane Wa 99208


"Suzi's Hang Art"

An artistic, economical, and quick
"Do-it-Yourself" textile framing kit

Throughout history, women's textile arts were valued in villages, churches and homes. Work on fabric remained valued until the 19th century when industrialization glorified the factory-made over the hand-made. The needle arts declined accordingly as other artistic media took their place. So they've remained until today.

With the arrival of the twenty first century, attitudes about hand-made items are changing. The appeal of textiles in our lives continues to grow, but presentation is everything. It is said that a quilt on the bed is a quilt but a quilt on the wall becomes art.

With "Suzi's Hang Art", anyone can quickly convert a beautiful textile into a framed art piece. The ease with which this product guarantees success will suprise you and the stunning results are worth the effort. With the satisfaction of seeing your textiles become art pieces, you can't help but feel good about this product.